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Johan Ernst Nilson receives Stockholm´s ..

Johan Ernst Nilson receives Stockholm´s highest honor - the S:t Erik Medal of Honor

-SBN Admin Sunday, August 30, 2009
The explorer Johan Ernst Nilson has been awarded the highest honor from the city of Stockholm - the medal of honor from Stockholm´s patron saint, S:t Erik.

On the 18th of May Johan Ernst Nilson was awarded the S: Erik Medal of Honor in the Stockholm City Hall. This was a recognition of Nilson´s work over the past 15 years as a environment concious explorer, lecturer, wild life photographer with a passion for the environment and social interests.

"Johan Ernst Nilson has documented the world with his nature portraits and photographies, raised the environment issue in today´s society and is a good ambassador for Stockholm" says Bo Bladholm, Master of Ceremonies at Stockholm City Hall.

Johan Ernst Nilson is one of the world´s most experienced explorers with over 28 expeditions in over 100 countries. Johan Ernst Nilson has excelled when it comes to his work with expeditions - he has been named a "guru" for his environmental work - but also for his commitment and passion to help people with difficult circumstances.
Johan is an ambassador for the foundation MinStoraDag, which helps severely ill kids to have a special day in their lives. Together with Sweden´s most influential leaders Johan works as a Mentor to give under priveliged youth some guidance for a better start in life.

"I am very proud to receive this prestigious award. I hope that with my work I can influence people in a positive way that will benefit society. It makes me even prouder to represent Stockholm during my journeys throughout the world", says Johan Ernst Nilson.


Johan Ernst Nilson began his career as an exploerer in 1994 when he made a bet with a friend and cycled from Stockholm to the Sahara desert. Since then Johan has completed over 28 expeditions in over 100 countries on seven different continents and has continously been involved with environmental issues, which gave him the name "environmental explorer". His career as an adventure photographer began in 1995 when he climed the summit of Mount McKinley in Alaska. Johan Ernst Nilson uses the nature´s images and patterns as a convas and often looks for formations in mountains, water and ice. Johan Ernst Nilson has become a brand within photo art with exhibitions in cities like Stockholm, Monaco, New York and Palma. Johan´s involvement with the environment started in 1997 during the Polar Research´s great expedition of the Antarctica on how the humans affect the global environment.

At the time Johan made documentaries for a science programme and Swedish Television news. Already the following year he filmed for the Discovery Channel during a research trip through the difficult North West Passage and late become a producer for Nordisk Film in Sweden.

In 2001 National Geographic produced a documentary on Johan that was broadcast in 145 countries in 26 different languages. After the documentary Johan was elected into the Explorers´ Club in New York by a professor at Harvard.

Nilson is currently "the President of the Everest Summiteers Association" in Sweden, he is an ambassador to the non-profit organisation MinStoraDag where the Royal Princess Madeleine of Sweden is the Patron and Nilson has recently been elected into the prestigous The Travellers Club. Johan Ernst Nilson does lectures on motivation and goal achievement for the biggest companies in the world. Johan Ernst Nilson latest project is the book "Seven Summits: The Photo Book", a photographic reflection on the highest mountains on the seven continents, and a documentation on the diminishing glaciers, changing climates and human´s effect on the wonderful areas above the clounds.


The S:t Erik Medal of Honor has been awarded by the City of Stockholm since 1938 to recognize successful people from Stockholm. The award ceremony takes place in the great Blue Hall in the City Hall in conjunction with the festivities on the S:t Erik Day, 18 May every year. The inaugaral recipients of the S:t Erik Medal of Honor were the city architect Ragnar Östberg and the Bank Director Knut Wallenberg. Other recipients are: Astrid Lindgren, Olof Palme, Povel Ramel, Christer Fuglesang, Benny Andersson, Ulf Lundell and Monica Zetterlund.



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