Sport Marketing is one of the fastest growing marketing methods in the media landscape. Major sports are shown on TV and the Internet since it attracts a large audience in the male and female target group. Sport today is a way of life.

SBN is specialized in managing the complete marketing process. The sport marketing process consist of analyzing the current situation, building a tailor made strategy, creating big ideas and concepts. We also have full power to implement and manage activities. Evaluation is conducted from external partners.

One of the fastest growing areas in the sport industry is events arrangements. To organize and host world wide events is a high impact tool for brands. Events help brands to create emotional bonding and relationships with specified target groups. We have managed several major events for sponsors and clubs.

SBN has also managed several sporting and leisure events. Please visit the news section for more information.


SBN have detailed knowledge of how to generate excellent result to its projects by using the correct media channels.

The sport marketing industry is more and more becoming dependent on new media. These days rightsholders see the need to satisfy the fans´ everyday demand for sport consumption. Therefore it is essential to constantly invent new and creative media channels that makes it possible for the fans to enjoy sports live and on the move. Streaming is now one of our core competencies.

SBN has the know how and experience to deliver the latest online and mobile solutions.

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